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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hi all!

The concept of The KL Bazaar is that, we try to search for the pieces which most of you girls are searching high and low for, and also, allow the blogshop owners, a chance to hit the homerun. :)

To the buyers:
There will be a trading site coming up on the tabs bar soon, for you girls to trade, asking blogshop owners whether they have your sought after pieces, as well as for you girls to post what you are looking for, at NO COST. :)

To the sellers:
Posts are updated everyday. :) just let me know when you've updated, and i will try my best to review all of you girls. (or guys) Oh. please link me up too. :)

To all the readers:
I am also working on a few things:-
1) Bazaars for the sellers and buyers to meet, trade, mingle and have an awesome time shopping.
2) LOOKBOOK favs on the tabs bar. (DONE) - check it out!
3) A tabs bar being allocated for your stories based on your experiences in the shopping world. Good/bad, please be genuine, and not accuse the blogshops. (DONE) - check it out!

Till then, 
Happy shopping!

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