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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

something different like tie-dye?
reminds me of some hippie chic. 

Looks a lil bland now, but, will be gorgeous when spruced up with loud accesories!
but, remember, keep it minimal. :)

Panel skirts never disappoints. 
here's one in gray, looking fab matched with a lace top, and cinched in with a belt.

loving the oriental twist to your bangles!
can imagine these with a lacey black dress, cheongsam style. 
RM15 each.

Currently having sales!
check them out!

loving the top.
with pearlies, lace, and in sweet baby pink, it's really cute. :)

everything on idol is going on sale!
stock clearance from bags, to tops, to dresses. 
check them out too!

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