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Monday, November 8, 2010

For Stories & Trading purposes.

For Stories : Please ensure that the stories are genuine and The KL Bazaar crew will not be responsible for any false accusations/misunderstandings from buyers/sellers.

For Tradings : Please mail me the exact piece you wish to be posted, and full info on it. It is for the pieces which you wish to find in the blogshop world, but, can't seem to get your hands on it. Regardless of color, design, pricing, everything, just mail it to us, and we will post it up for the sellers to see, and possibly, find you instead. :)

Written name:

Story based on:

Bad experience:

Good experience:

Question (For Trading):

For Story (please be based on real stories on blogshopping. fake stories are not ethical towards sellers/buyers accused) :

For Trading (please provide full details of the pieces you wish to sought for, as well as your email addresses. i will just be copying and pasting without edits as to what you write here.)

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