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Monday, December 27, 2010

seen quite a few of these floral denim shorts?
this adds to the number!
take your pick.

with CNY coming around, her collection is getting bigger, and the prices are still reasonable.

i have a thing for these panel dresses. 
it's so sexy.

these cute lil sparrows do look adorable, don't they?
it symbolizes freedom to me. 

handy bucket bags, with 3 colors to choose from!

spruce up a vintage floral shirtdress with a vintage belt.
i think this will look pretty with a tote bag.

lovely bandeau dress.
this is the best color, cos it's subtle. 

something simple for a lovely evening.
i can see this with a gorgeous LBD for a gathering with the family.

gorgeous vintage earrings, these are.
pair this with a shift dress, a slick up-do, and you're good to go.
oh, black shift dress would be best.
think ala Audrey.

smart yet chic jacket, this is.
it smartens and spices up any basic top inside.
other jackets in store!

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