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Monday, December 13, 2010

i love how this sorta looks like a top, and the colors are rich, which makes each detail pop.

this gives a lil bit more of a laid-back vibe, yet looking chic and sexy.

it's Christmas.
all things fancy and whimsical are appearing.
this is whimsical in fashion as the soft chiffon sleeves tells it.

as i was saying, it's Christmas!
snow flakes are always cute.

in relation to whimsical season, another soft, sheer material wonder is up for grabs here.
the ruffles and it being gray is just so lovely.
gray should be the new black.

there's a lot going on here, as compared to the previous plain one i reviewed from her collection.
but, with a plain outfit, this will stand out very well.
fruity bunch!

wasn't pandora the avatar place?
i'm not sure, i am not a huge fan.
but, i'm a sucker for bronze and gold stacks, and this takes the top few. 

very vintage, something you can find in your mom's collection.
but, lovely!
wear this with a plain, simple shift dress, or even with some gloves if you want to go fancy ala Audrey Hepburn!

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