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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The KL Bazaar: Shop for Charity.

There will be awesome branded goods going at discounted prices at the NuYou booth, alongside many other booths to satisfy your fashion, accessories, handmade and titbits craving!
Drop by! :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Have you marked your calendars? :)

We have it bigger this time round!
Charity, Shopping, Performance, Food.
More booths, More shopping.
More publicity, More people.
Remember to book a time slot to drop by!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The KL Bazaar Trilogy : In Conjunction with Raya.

Hi all!
here to let you awesome shopaholics know that 
The KL Bazaar in March (50 booths)
The KL Bazaar Part 2 in June (56 booths), has a new record to be tossed in the bandwagon!
keep your calendars marked on the 19th and 20th of August for The KL Bazaar Trilogy: In Conjunction with Raya with a whopping 66 booths! :)
Posters and Buntings are still in the process of designing, and will be released as soon as we can!
But, we decided to let you girls keep those dates free for shopping with us once more. :)
There will be 66 booths this time due to overwhelming response from the previous two bazaars and many more awesome vendors were wanting a piece of it.

There will be traditional Kompang performances to embrace our fellow Muslim friends' Raya celebrations coming up.

To our Muslim friends: This is your chance to shop till you drop for awesome new clothes for Raya. :) There will be booths selling traditional Kaftans, Kebayas and all your needs as well.

For vendors interested to join us this Raya season, do not hesitate to drop us an email at

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The KL Bazaar Part 2.

Hi all,
The KL Bazaar PART 2 is back!
There are new goodies added to it.
I've gotten sponsors to sponsor 1000 pieces of discount vouchers for spas, manicures and facials!
*Squeels* trust me babes, it's DEALS OVER DEALS for the best pampering sessions EVER!
It's worth over RM500.
You babes are eligible for them too! :D

But, anyway, goodies aside, I've also extended the bazaar to TWO DAYS! :D
Since the last time there were visitors, as well as vendors which wanted more days, here we go!
I took slightly longer to plan this time because I was scouting for sponsors to catch a bigger crowd as well. :)
I am working my hardest to try to rake in some makeover booths and also some photoshooting.
That will be confirmed by next week, hopefully.

Step 1: Join this event page & "LIKE" my FB page at

Step 2: Post the event page on your wall and invite friends to come with!

Step 3: If you wish to RESERVE the vouchers, you can do so by E-mailing me your details (below) and just drop by the registration booth set up, and voila! it's mainly for you girls which will drop by later in the day, and can't catch the early birds.

Mobile Number:

GUYS ARE ELIGIBLE TOO! if you wish to get it for your mom, sister, girlfriend, friend, whomever.

So, I guess you girls know the drill. :)
Any enquiries, just drop me a mail!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


the updated list of vendors which will be with us at The First Take Bazaar!
yes yes. see a couple of familiar names there? ;)
the operating hours has now been extended from 11am - 9pm! :D
pubs available there, great atmosphere, shopping around, OH!
what can be better? 

where?  ::  SOHOKL, MONT KIARA
when?  ::  5th March 2011, Saturday
what time?  ::  11am-9pm

come on over!
there's lots to SHOP about! :D

P/S for vendors interested, do not hesitate to mail me. :)
see you there!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

After months of grueling planning, The KL Bazaar finally presents to you, The First Take.
It will be held at SohoKL, Solaris Mont Kiara, where it's impossible to be deserted!
Details as above.
Would love to see you joining us on that day!
50 vendors would be present, and LOTS and LOTS of fun and shopping!

VENDORS INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING: mail me at to reserve a spot.

Monday, December 27, 2010

seen quite a few of these floral denim shorts?
this adds to the number!
take your pick.

with CNY coming around, her collection is getting bigger, and the prices are still reasonable.

i have a thing for these panel dresses. 
it's so sexy.

these cute lil sparrows do look adorable, don't they?
it symbolizes freedom to me. 

handy bucket bags, with 3 colors to choose from!

spruce up a vintage floral shirtdress with a vintage belt.
i think this will look pretty with a tote bag.

lovely bandeau dress.
this is the best color, cos it's subtle. 

something simple for a lovely evening.
i can see this with a gorgeous LBD for a gathering with the family.

gorgeous vintage earrings, these are.
pair this with a shift dress, a slick up-do, and you're good to go.
oh, black shift dress would be best.
think ala Audrey.

smart yet chic jacket, this is.
it smartens and spices up any basic top inside.
other jackets in store!

Friday, December 17, 2010

the old-school cheongsam, with a modern twist. :)

zebra scarves! zebra scarves!
they're so cute!

Travellers Jewellery.
if i'm not mistaken, House of Harlow by Nicole Richie started this type of necklace.
here it is, inspiration from F21, inspired from House of Harlow.

i love the gray one. :D
weaved floral headbands.
a lil different as compared to the usual gold shiny ones, no?

love this look.
very simple, and chic.
saw a lot of these along the shops of Australia when i was there.

Monday, December 13, 2010

i love how this sorta looks like a top, and the colors are rich, which makes each detail pop.

this gives a lil bit more of a laid-back vibe, yet looking chic and sexy.

it's Christmas.
all things fancy and whimsical are appearing.
this is whimsical in fashion as the soft chiffon sleeves tells it.

as i was saying, it's Christmas!
snow flakes are always cute.

in relation to whimsical season, another soft, sheer material wonder is up for grabs here.
the ruffles and it being gray is just so lovely.
gray should be the new black.

there's a lot going on here, as compared to the previous plain one i reviewed from her collection.
but, with a plain outfit, this will stand out very well.
fruity bunch!

wasn't pandora the avatar place?
i'm not sure, i am not a huge fan.
but, i'm a sucker for bronze and gold stacks, and this takes the top few. 

very vintage, something you can find in your mom's collection.
but, lovely!
wear this with a plain, simple shift dress, or even with some gloves if you want to go fancy ala Audrey Hepburn!

What is your favorite part of The KL Bazaar? :)

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